Two systems based on this revolutionary technology are available. Both are based upon the decreased resistance and mechanical advantage offered by low frequency, short excursion, mechanical reciprocation of a single cannula assembly.Numed Medical Inc.

     A reusable unit powered by a small, hand-held low voltage electrical motor is being distributed by Nu-Med as the Power Cannula and consists of a permanent, steam-autoclaveable low frequency reciprocating assembly. Custom cannulas are available in a wide variety of sizes, lengths and configuration.

   You can read some comments about the advantages of this device or view a Barbara Walters interview of one of the physicians who advocates the superiority of powered liposuction. Here is a presentation at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery elaborating on the increased safety, convenience, and precision of the device. NBC Network News highlighted the advantages of powered liposuction in a recent segment by Dr. Max Gomez which you can view or read. You may read an interview of Michael Brock, M.D. and Bruce Katz, M.D., two physicians who are impressed with the advantages of the Numed device. This practice advertisement which recently appeared in the New York Post is typical of those many surgical groups have placed as they have found the new technology to offer significant surgical advantages.

Byron Medical Inc.      A disposable gas-powered assembly, the ARC Systems Reciprocating Cannula, is manufactured by Byron Medical and ingeniously driven by the vacuum system that powers its Psi-Tec Systems Aspiration Platform with no need for tanked gas or electricity. This inexpensive system is delivered in sterile packages.

     Second and and third generation systems with twin cannula assemblies and long excursions have been prototyped and are being tested which augur further reduction in tissue trauma and blood loss.

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