Lipotome™ Systems

     Lipotome Systems are precision surgical instruments based upon one or more claims of any of the patents within the liposuction art patent portfolio of Robert Lproducts. Cucin, M.D. or his Research and Development company, Rocin Laboratories, Inc. They achieve substantial advances over current technology.

      Struck by the strenuous nature of liposuction from the surgeon's perspective and appalled by the crudeness and roughness of the procedure from the patient's perspective, the inventor sought to make the procedure easier, more precise and less traumatic.

     The innovations and refinements that resulted  from his dissatisfaction with current technology not only increase control but decrease surgeon's effort, operating time, and patient recovery time. Products based upon these patents have been introduced into the market as Power Liposuction or Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) and received with acclaim.

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