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“Power liposuction” improves procedure
As reported by Dr. Max Gomez on NewsChannel4
A new liposuction technique leaves patients with less pain, less swelling and a significant decrease post-operative bruising, all with greater precision for the surgeon.
New York, Jan. 2 -- In the two decades since it was first introduced in the United States, liposuction has become one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures. Major advances came with something called tumescent analgesia, and a few years ago with ultrasound assisted liposuction. Now just in time to handle your post-holiday weight gain, there's “power liposuction.”

“FOR YEARS, I'VE watched what I've eaten, exercised, had a personal trainer. There are some areas that just never improve,” said Tracy Materetsky, a power liposuction patient.

It’s the classic description of a perfect candidate for liposuction. Materetsky is by no means obese or even particularly overweight, but she has the classic fat pockets that just won't go away. As a nurse, she was always a little leery of traditional liposuction until she heard of something called power liposuction.

According to Dr. Michael Bruck of the Juva Skin and Laser Center, “It makes the surgeon's work easier and allows much greater precision.”

The key to power liposuction is a motorized canula that makes the business end of the canula vibrate back and forth, which provides a number of advantages for the patient.

Dr. Bruck studied a number of patients on which he did one side with power and the other side with conventional liposuction.

Dr. Bruck said, “We found up to 40 percent reduction in pain, decrease in swelling and significant decrease with post-operative bruising. There is something about the power-assisted that makes it less painful for patient. When we did the study, we asked patients where they felt less pain and discomfort, and invariably it was on power-assisted side.”

This allows the surgeon to perform the procedure while the patient is awake. Because Materetsky was awake, Dr. Bruck can actually get her to stand up to check the results in a real life situation.

“I don’t feel a thing -- a little pressure, a little sensation. But no pain,” Materetsky said.

The results achieve the improved body contour of any well-done liposuction but generally with less need for touch ups.

And as budding actress Joy Sudduth found when she had power liposuction done recently, there is a fairly easy recovery.

“There was some slight bruising. I wasn’t in much pain. It felt like I worked out really, really hard,” Sudduth said.

The advantage of power-liposuction over ultrasound-assisted is that there's is no risk of getting an internal skin burn that sometimes happened with ultrasound.

Additionally, because the patient is awake during power-lipo, there's no risk of anesthesia complications.

The cost of the procedure is about the same as conventional liposuction -- $3,500 for the first body area and another $1,500 or so for each additional area.

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